Company Values

Our history has been written for 30 years thanks to the men and women who work together in our company. Our experiences and shared success throughout time have led us to define some values as part of our heritage. These values are numerous but 3 of them are particularly significant. It is thanks to you that we can make them ours; it is through you that we can keep them alive.


  • Offering and selling highest quality products with impeccable finishes.
  • Meeting the delivery times specified.
  • Protecting and respecting the environment to improve our future.


  • Keeping up researching and inventing new interior fit-out solutions.
  • Drawing and creating tomorrow's decoration trends to remain the leader.
  • Meeting our customers' needs thanks to products which are increasingly safe, innovative and reliable.


  • Ensuring our expertise and skills to our customers
  • Guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our products.
  • Expressing our know-how and putting it to good use.