Brands & Models

A Multiple Network Policy

A - DIY Superstores

Établissements Sogal possess 3 brands to serve different chains of DIY superstores. The French territory is covered thanks to the 800 or so outlets selling the products throughout the country. This network is the solution for individuals who want to lay out, create and decorate their home with their own hands. - -

B - Materials Dealers

Long-time customers of the company, materials dealers market the products under the brand name Sogal. They sell to fitters / carpenters and other construction professionals who can install the products on individuals' request. Individuals can also visit the show-rooms some outlets have at their disposal and check a material or a color, or benefit from these professionals' advice.

C - The General Public Network

Since 2010, Établissements Sogal have had a new brand aimed at the general public: La Manufacture d'Intérieurs. Benefitting from all the experience of the Group, the shop's staff welcomes, advises and offers completely personalized layout solutions, from the easier to the most complex ones. The service includes the delivery and installation of the closets by a professional approved by Établissements Sogal.




Reassured by its partnership with the french creator Olivier Lapidus, La Manufacture d'Intérieurs becomes Sogal Paris. Thanks to a complete refashioning of the shop, Sogal Parisis able to offer a brand new concept with 100% made to measure closets.
Olivier Lapidus brings his expert touch and his know-how, creating unique, designer closets, to the forefront of technology.
The showroom shop reflects the brand'spirit : a genuine, creative window where technology meets design.