Environmental Policy

This charter reflects the environmental policy that Établissements Sogal's management has adopted.

Établissements Sogal consider they must act for a better quality of life for their customers, their coworkers and the society in general. Actions are implemented to help reduce the ecological impact of the company's products and production processes.

Établissements Sogal care about the environment protection for future generations and commit themselves on environmental issues

  • By fostering all the coworkers' awareness of the environment
  • By ensuring their sites are conforming with the regulations in terms of environmental protection
  •  By guaranteeing 100 % of the products containing wood are PEFC certified, meaning they come from sustainably managed forests.PEFC™ : Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes
  • By implementing measures to reduce the vehicles' fuel consumption
  • By looking for solutions so that industrial waste is systematically reused
  • By using particle boards with a low level of formaldehyde (EPFS standard)
  • By investing in less energy-consuming production processes
  • By respecting the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances) legislation
  • By reducing the packaging weight of their products
  • By providing the products with only low-energy lighting
  • By using recycled materials in our products
  • By designing products made up of heterogeneous materials which can be separated for recycling
  • By guaranteeing their products for 10 years


Our goals for 2011/2014:


We have set ourselves the following targets as part of an ambitious company project:

  • Achieving the NF Environment certification for 70% of our products
  • Providing health-related labeling on our products
  • Achieving the PEFC certification for 100% of the products containing wood
  • Using particle boards with low levels of formaldehyde
  • Setting up a system for recycling 95% of our industrial waste
  • Cutting our packaging weight by 15%
  • Reducing our fuel consumption by 15%
  • Implementing a carbon footprint reporting system in the company