Industrial Means

Automatic power supply, flat panel saws are used to cut all the storage panels for Établissements Sogal. Thanks to this modern tool, the work to be done can be represented in computer-generated images. Heavy weights are carried on self-leveling tables and handled on air cushions. This reliable equipment ensures a quality work (with a clean cut and no scratch), improving ergonomics in a significant way. This investment also guarantees a better employee safety.

With this idea of progressing in mind, Établissements Sogal have invested in an edge banding, moulding and perforating machine which is used to take the wood panels from the pile, calibrate and band the longitudinal edges, turn the panels upside down, calibrate and band the transverse edges, perforate the panels and pile them up on trolleys with suction pads. The production is optimized, and the time spared is spent on quality inspections.