Quality Policy

This charter reflects the quality policy that Établissements Sogal's management has adopted.

Établissements Sogal's quality policy shows their commitment to providing their customers with a personalised adapted product and service quality. They invent, select and develop the best tools, methods and products to reach their quality objectives and meet the customers' expectations.

With a view to customer satisfaction, Établissements Sogal commit themselves to:

  • Achieving short lead timess
  • Offering a range of custom-made modular furniture that is the widest possible
  • Designing products which meet current safety standards
  • Launching products which have been tested according to the required protocols
  • Qualifying the new materials and the new suppliers through quality procedures
  • Guaranteeing an appropriate monitoring plan throughout the production process
  • Guaranteeing the skillfulness of their staff through appropriate training
  • Investing in means generating quality improvements or new products
  • Recording the quality defects, be they encountered on the raw materials, revealed during the manufacturing process or reported by the customers
  • Offering a 10-year guarantee on their products
  • Giving their customers the necessary commercial, technical and environmental information


Our goals for 2011/2014:


  • Processing 100% of the cases of defaults electronically
  • Cutting the product return rate by 35 %
  • Achieving 90% of conformity during internal product quality audits
  • Achieving 95% of conformity during internal process quality audits
  • Receiving the NF Environment certification