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NF Environment Furniture Certification

They have become the 50th company being NFE certified but also one of the very first to distribute products to individuals. NF Environment is the only French eco-label managed by the AFNOR (the French national organization for standardization) and recognized by the French Ministry of the Environment.

Earning the NFE Furniture certification for most of the products of their closet front range was important for Établissements Sogal. That certification guarantees that consumers can rely on the products since they meet specific environment and quality criteria.

The two environmental labels earned by Établissements Sogal, i.e. NF Environment Furniture and PEFC, are perfectly consistent with the values the company wants to convey:

Innovation: Établissements Sogal are the first company in the industrial field to achieve this certification.

Commitment: the certification stands for Établissements Sogal's environmental commitment.

Confidence: our customers can have confidence in Établissements Sogal products.