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Établissements Sogal got an A+!

A French law of July 2010 (called Grenelle 2) stipulates that furniture, construction products, wall and floor covering which give off substances in the air are subject to labeling and that the volatile contaminants contained should be specified.

As a manufacturer of closet doors and room dividers, which are designed to be fixed to walls, Établissements Sogal are subject to this labeling.  A grade is given (A+ being the highest) according to the volatile contaminant emission level, i.e. the level of substances which are in a gaseous state in the indoor air and are likely to have harmful effects on human health.

After having carried out some tests on their products according to a French standard called NF EN ISO 16000-9, the FCBA (a technological research center) awarded an A+ to Établissements Sogal for all their ranges of closet fronts and room dividers.

This A+ grade marks an important step nthe environmental commitment of the company. Établissements Sogal have been working for years to limit the impact of their products on health and to offer their customers environmental and public health friendly products.