Solidarity Actions

Computer Donations

Établissements Sogal, based in La Jumellière for almost 30 years and an active player in the lives of the surrounding towns, have decided to focus their local action on operations and events with which they can associate in a sustainable way.

Sogal organized a day in the schools of Chemillé and la Jumellière to give the children the computer hardware which had just been replaced by the company.

On May 6, 2010 in Chemillé, the children could click, browse, discover, test and improve their knowledge in information technology with the help of their teachers.

25,000 € for the Xynthia Disaster Victims

In the night from February 27 to 28, 2010, the Xynthia tempest spread chaos and desolation. The toll on human life and the material damages are considerable. Despite the significant plan implemented to help the victims, there is still a lot to do. According to the government, 2 years will be necessary to indemnify and rehouse all the victims.

Établissements Sogal, which have been historically very implied in Western France, have wanted to use their fame to help their neighbours and partners by getting all their sales teams involved.

In association with the French Red Cross, Établissements Sogal promised to donate 3 euros for each front sold between April 15 and May 15, 2010. Involvement being the key word in this operation, Sogal sent emails and small posters to mobilize all their distributors, which represents about 13,500 contacts on the national territory.

On June, 15, the Head of the Board of Directors presented a 25,000 € check to the order of the French Red Cross, making a contribution to the nationwide solidarity effort.

Giving Aid to Sick Children

For the first time in the history of D&CO (a French decoration TV program), Valérie Damidot, the anchor, asked a group of friends to come and help the sick children of Hôpital Debré in Paris. "The children's house" is a 250 m² living space with a 200 m² garden.

Despite the hospital's efforts to make this place friendly and convenient, it remained underexploited. She surrounded herself with the best building tradesmen. Thanks to the involvement of her dream team, these spaces could be renovated.

Once more, she called on Établissements Sogal to customize the interior fit-out and the closets in a classroom, the change room and the activity leaders' offices.

The artists and firms got involved for one week to bring their support for the "CéKe Du Bonheur" charity, the patrons of which are Omar and Fred, two comedians appearing everyday on French TV.

Since 2004, the charity has been expending all its energy to improve the quality of life for inpatient children and adolescents.

Learn more :
Association CéKeDuBonheur
18 rue Duret - 75016 Paris - Phone: 00331-45-01-10-04